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Let Oak Street Funding help you sell your Insurance Agency

You’ve worked hard to build your Insurance Agency, and you deserve to find a quality buyer to purchase your agency at a fair price. 

List your agency for sale on our Agency Exchange, or search our Buyer Directory to see who may be a good buyer and future advisor for your clients. Additionally, you can sign up to receive alerts as new buyers or sellers join our marketplace.

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List your Insurance Agency for Sale

You’ll find our no-cost marketplace a valuable tool to find a buyer for your agency.  After you complete the form below, you’ll work directly with an Oak Street Funding representative to review listing information, where you’ll have the freedom to be as detailed as you like or maintain a level of anonymity.

Want to Find a Buyer for your Insurance Agency?

If you do not want to list your Agency for sale, the Buyer Directory is an alternate way to find buyers. Simply enter your search criteria to find potential candidates.

Thank you for your posting regarding your interest to sell an agency. You may request to remove your seller listing at any time by sending an email to, or via letter to Oak Street Funding, Attn: Jonica Drake, 8888 Keystone Crossing, Suite 1700, Indianapolis, IN 46240.
Oak Street does not represent any buyer or seller that lists on Oak Street Funding Exchange. Potential sellers and buyers are responsible for their own due diligence, negotiations, and documentation. Oak Street does not make any representations or warranties regarding any potential seller who may contact you through your listing. Similarly, Oak Street does not make any representations or warranties regarding any potential buyer who is listed on Oak Street Funding Exchange.